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Do you want to find Koi for sale  in Connecticut? We can help you locate a Koi dealer near you. During the koi season we have  major dealers with a lot of experience who can help you select the best Koi. If we can’t find a Koi dealer in your area of Connecticut you can order Koi directly from Blackwater Creek Koi Farms and we can ship Koi right to your door. Not sure what to get? You can choose Koi from one of our many Koi stocking packages or pick out the type of fish you are looking for from our “Pick your Mix”. We have Standard fin Koi and Butterfly Koi.

With a population of around 3,574,097 people Connecticut has plenty of Koi lovers. There are many residents in Connecticut that have beautiful Koi ponds, some that already have Blackwater Creek Koi and some that need Koi. Every Nutmegger should have a Koi pond in their backyard. We can supply you with the quality Koi or Goldfish you want at great prices.

We ship Koi right to your door via Fed-Ex, in Connecticut, no need to go to the airport to pick up your order of Koi.

Pond season in Connecticut begins in March and ends in October

but we ship Koi all year round. We can even send a gift of Koi

to your friends or family whenever you want.

Talk about the perfect gift!

You can never loose with our beautiful Koi.

Did you know that Koi can live under the ice in Connecticut? We can show you how to keep Koi in the winter months.

We also have the perfect food for your Koi and Goldfish all season long. Feed your Koi what they have been raised on and watch them grow into the perfect living jewels for your Koi Pond. You can even train the Koi to eat right out of your hand.

After that long ride home on I-95 wouldn’t it be nice to sit by your Koi pond and relax. You can have your own relaxation Koi pond in your Connecticut backyard.

Just give us a call at 352-357-4563 and we will be happy to help you with all your Koi & Goldfish needs.

If you would like to become a Koi Dealer

contact us and lets get started!

Are you looking for Great Koi Or Goldfish?